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Using Core Experiences to Drive Your Home Healthcare Business

Transform your business with powerful EMR technology that improves your processes so you can focus on Core Experiences and patient outcomes.

You operate in a crowded marketplace. Experimenting with new ideas to set your company apart can be tough, tedious, and sometimes really expensive. You need to offer something fresh. You need what I call a Core Experience.

A Core Experience is exactly what it sounds like: something that is at the center of what you do. Of course you have a culture of professionalism, but do clients and employees experience that every week in a way they can identify? Maybe. But not in the same way administrative staff experience your well-appointed office, your amazing looking branded apparel, and perhaps most importantly, the innovative technology you deploy.


Identify core improvement opportunities


First, the low-hanging fruit opportunities. It may seem anachronistic in the age of remote work, but most people in home healthcare have returned to the office. And most returned to fairly uninspiring digs. Would it cost that much to rethink the layout, the furnishings, and the snack bin? And what about the dress code—are your field staff looking good in branded scrubs or other “athleisure wear?” If not, you are missing an affordable opportunity to show them (and your clients) how much you care about their every-day (Core) experience. But if you really want to transform your company from a legacy agency trying to hold onto what you’ve got into a high-growth juggernaut, you need to look at your technology. 


Boost experience with core-centered tech 


You need tools for client engagement, tracking data, EVV, communication, streamlining your operations, and more. Being ahead of the curve on these things will be felt by everyone, every day. So where to begin?

First, you need to look at your EMR software. There’s a great chance you don’t have an efficient EMR system in place, and this is the hub of everything else. Your EMR should be able to blend all of the factors listed above in a beautiful, easy-to-use package that says “We care enough to invest in the best.” Your software should enable you to find efficiencies in every department so that your admin staff to client visit ratio is low enough to give you more flexibility to pay elevated rates and bonuses when required. A great EMR will also become a recruiting and retention tool for employees and clients who recognize how much easier things are because of the ease and efficiency.


Create your Core Experiences with Cubhub

At Cubhub we are obsessive about creating a Core Experience that our client companies can leverage for their own benefit. We are focused on non-Medicare home healthcare companies, especially those who specialize in pediatrics. We know what you need because we ran a home healthcare business ourselves, which is why our software is so intuitive and powerful. And since we are not forced to follow every new CMS change, our ability to innovate for our clients is unmatched. 

From our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Mobile App for field charting, our unique approach to data for Value-Based Agreements, and our automations around Secondary Billing, you will find countless ways to save money and grow your company. Your team and your clients deserve a better Core Experience, and our team is ready to help you improve the services you offer every day.

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