Cubhub Pricing

Cubhub offers Revenue-based pricing to fit your business. You get amazing software and a lot more:


No Term Required (We think we should earn your business every month, not take it for granted)


EVV via Cubhub Mobile App integrated with your State Aggregator


Best-in-class Support from Industry Experts


Migration of client, employee, and other data from old systems


Access to advice on finance, accounting, billing, ops, clinical best practices, industry trends, and policy changes


Payroll automation and integration with your provider* (ADP, Paychex, etc)


Integrated Fax with current Fax # migration


Billing and collections automation and integration with Waystar*

*3rd party software subject to separate fees

Cost of EMR Software: Is it worth it? 

The cost of EMR software: Is it worth it? Cubhub offers revenue-based pricing to fit your business needs. Whether just starting out, or an established business, Cubhub as the EMR software to fit your needs and budget. The cost of Cubhub offers industry leading EMR software, and so much more. 

How is Cubhub’s EMR Software Priced: Revenue-based only?

Cubhub’s EMR software offers revenue-based pricing to fit your business needs, but why stop there? Cubhub is proud to offer an EMR software with no on-boarding fees, no term requirements and best-in-class support from top industry experts.  Migrating systems has never been easier. Payroll automation and integration and billing automation offers even more value for your agency. 

Worried about the cost of EMR software? Don’t. 

Worried about the cost of EMR software? Don’t be. As a result of technology advances in the EMR software space, companies are increasing profitability while reducing overhead costs. EMR software saves by eliminating the need for more employees. Less time spent on documentation results in more time being dedicated to the patient. Time spent charting and administration tasks can be easily achieved thanks to EMR software like Cubhub with improved organization and accuracy tools. Cubhub EMR software can be used on any smartphone or tablet, eliminating the cost of equipment. 

Talk with a Cubhub Expert about Pricing Today

If you’re ready to improve the quality of patient care while improving efficiency and saving money, then it’s time to look at Cubhub. Cubhub offers user support, resources and tools to home health care agencies so you can focus on the best care possible for patients. 

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