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Learn more about our journey, our team, and our vision for the future as we continue to innovate the best pediatric home healthcare software.


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Revolutionizing Home Healthcare

Our Milestones

Our Milestones

Our Mission

United by Passion

Sharing a passion for excellence, our team is dedicated to positively impacting healthcare professionals and in turn, their patients. From support to customer success, we’re here to offer the best tools and insights every step of the way.


Our mission is to help agencies streamline visits and optimize operations with software that works like you do. When more tasks are completed automatically, more time can be spent on building lasting relationships.


We push the boundaries of what is possible in home healthcare technology, providing innovative tools that agencies need to deliver exceptional care and achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Meet the Team

Founded by pediatric home healthcare experts, our management team has proven experience developing the best tools for agencies to provide the best possible care.

Cole Ballweg
Chief Executive Officer

Cole’s idea for Cubhub was to fix a problem he saw with the current pediatric homecare systems being used in pediatric nursing and therapy: None of them prepared his Pediatric Homecare company for where the market was going. His primary job is to take what he learns about building and leading teams, operations, and the future of healthcare to guide the development of a system that sets innovative companies apart from a crowded field.

Lisa Nelson
Executive VP of Strategy

Lisa makes sure that everything Cole and Brett propose actually gets done. She leads the development and support teams because she knows everything. She spent years managing clinician, patient, and family relationships while performing every operational role you could imagine within a pediatric company, and now uses that experience to make things better for our clients.

Brett Brier
Executive VP of Sales

Having co-founded a pediatric PDN company and run the day-to-day operations for many years, Brett understands that Cole’s ideas are sometimes great, but are often focused on tomorrow’s problems and not enough on what people are doing right now. Brett leads the business development and onboarding teams because he understands what it takes to make things work for different organizations operating in unique ways.

Michelle Schneider
VP of Customer Success

From on-boarding to training to account management, Michelle has you covered. The opportunity to train users in all aspects of Cubhub is the perfect fit for the former educator. It’s Michelle’s passion to form relationships with people, and creating harmony between Cubhub’s system and users allows her and the Training and Education team to do just that. Her clients are the agencies themselves, and her commitment to their success mirrors that of the organizations to their own clients, the patients and families whom they serve.

Cayla Grossman
VP of Customer Support

With over two decades of educational leadership experience, Cayla brings her passion for operational excellence to our clients. Her journey from the education sector to EdTech showcases her innate knack for blending technology and education seamlessly, having worked extensively with operational efficiency tools for campus and district software. Having excelled in sales, training, and support roles, Cayla's expertise  enhances our commitment to optimizing user experience within the Cubhub ecosystem. 

Brittany Lopez
Customer Support Manager

With extensive experience in the medical field, Brittany’s passion for helping people succeed comes naturally. She is your go-to for technical support, account-based issues, and any other questions regarding Cubhub’s system. Her commitment to ensuring client success reflects her dedication to the patients and families who rely on them for care.

Chris Willis

Chris is the head nerd at Cubhub. He leads the software development and quality assurance teams as well as overseeing infrastructure and software architecture. His role is to transform ideas and turn them into reality. He’s got 20+ years of experience in the software industry under his (ever-expanding) belt and brings a wealth of knowledge across multiple lines of business and technologies.

Presley Perkins
Director of Marketing

Presley oversees all content production from ideation to publication and helps share Cubhub with the world. She collaborates closely with Brett to align marketing strategies with the overall business goals and drive revenue growth. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mindset, she ensures that every piece of content resonates and aligns with Cubhub’s mission.

Advisory Board

Leading numerous healthcare companies to grow exponentially, our advisors have a strong record of providing strategic growth opportunities and successful business development.

Chris Bennett

Chris is an entrepreneur, mentor, and investor with almost 30 years of experience leading and scaling privately held emerging and middle-market companies. He created Entrepreneur’s Growth Network, LLC to help business owners recognize their business potential and deploy strategic capital into healthcare technology firms with great promise. Bennett has helped generate more than $550M in enterprise value with this collaborative model.

John McCarthy

John is a nationally recognized expert in Medicaid reforms, value-based purchasing, delivery system design, system implementation, and reimbursement policy. He was previously the Director of the Ohio Department of Medicaid (“ODM”) where he implemented a series of innovative policy initiatives that modernized ODM and improved the quality of health services at a substantial value to Ohio’s taxpayers.

Sameer Bhargava

Sameer was CIO / CTO at Onlife Health (a BCBS Tennessee subsidiary), a digital health and wellness company serving 11+ million lives. He has led IT services at multiple billion-dollar organizations and has created world-class startups. Sameer has also gained extensive healthcare experience through his work leading technology teams at MedSolutions (CIO), PureSafety (CTO), and Misys Healthcare Systems (Manager of Software Development).