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3 Signs You Don’t Have the Right EMR System in Place

Written by CubHub

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3 Signs You Don’t Have the Right EMR System in Place


Are you using the right EMR system? Today, many home health care companies use EMR systems that end up not being a good fit. If you are having issues, it is important to recognize the signs that your EMR system is no longer benefiting you while you carry out your daily tasks and tackle the problem as soon as possible by switching. 


Your Sign to Switch EMR Systems


1. Difficulty Learning & Navigating 

Have your patients and field staff had trouble in the past with using your current EMR software? User friendly EMR systems are a must! They save time and make for an easier communication method. Whether information is being shared between field staff or from staff to patient, successfully gathering and recording accurate data is important.

Companies gain employee and client satisfaction by providing excellent care in a straightforward manner. Field staff should be able to pick up quickly on how to find the information and answers they need. User friendly EMR software brings benefits such as cost savings, excellent communication, happier employees, and less stress for anyone who uses the system.

2. Recording Information Is Time Consuming

Being able to record data accurately and efficiently is essential. If you find your field staff spending an excessive amount of time recording patient information into EMR software it can be a sign to look at other options. 

EMR software is there to assist you and make organizing information simpler. A system that causes headaches can have a negative effect on field staff. The time they spend making sure the data they recorded is correct can take away from patients, but by implementing EMR systems that make charting a breeze your company will find it much easier to attract and retain employees.


3. Billing Issues

Have your patients or employees reported issues with billing? EMR software with E-Billing features are very sought after because of the time and money it saves. If you are experiencing billing issues, it’s best to work to resolve the issue immediately. As more problems pile up it can become frustrating to all parties involved and decrease not only your profit but the satisfaction rate of your patients and field staff also.

Billing methods can be chaotic especially if you fall behind or become unorganized. Having a reliable EMR system that ensures all billing is taken care of for you on time enables you to focus on other tasks at hand.


Male nurse on EMR software

Searching For Your New EMR System


Finding a new EMR software that best fits your home health care practice’s needs may seem difficult. You might ask yourself, “Where do I start and what do I need?”. Luckily, finding the right EMR system can be easy if you look for these key must-have features

Prioritize Easy Navigation & User Friendly Technology 

When your EMR software is user friendly, it is easier to navigate and learn. Unfortunately, employees don’t have much time to sit and learn how to navigate new EMR software. EMR software is designed to improve communication amongst everyone who uses it and help make carrying out daily tasks simpler. The time that employees must spend learning difficult software takes away from the patients that are waiting to receive care. The goal should be to implement an EMR software that allows you to record information and find information quickly and efficiently. Your choice of an EMR software that has a user-friendly platform will decrease the pressure employees experience as they work to record information properly.


Consider a Mobile App Documentation Feature

Did your old EMR system’s company require you to purchase devices? If so, try looking for a software that allows field staff to use their own device. This minimizes the need for device maintenance and the expense of managing data plans. 

Mobile app documentation features make charting and clinic-patient communication easier than ever. With confidentiality being a top priority, this is a great solution compared to recording information on paper.


Implement Integrated Authorization and Utilization Tracking 


Integrated authorization and utilization tracking grants members access to the information they need, but make sure to implement confidential protocols. This ensures your employees are following ethical practices. This EMR feature locks out those who don’t have permission to see it. 

Cover all the bases with customizable reports for your EMR system. By generating regular basis reports, you can use information from patient history, documents, test results, financial data, or any information that gets recorded for the future.


Plan Your Day With Smart Scheduling


With smart scheduling technology, matching the needs of the client to skills of the field staff member is done for you, as well as the ability to send notification reminders to make reports and calls. Smart scheduling features also use advanced calendar tools that save time and keep your field staff on top of the ball. It allows text, email and other communication so everyone is always on the same page.


Automated E-Billing For Patients & Employees


Does your EMR software allow you to host both charting and billing? If not, then consider EMR systems that include this feature because it is a large advantage. 

Automated billing means reduced overhead costs, a quick payment method for your employees, and more time to focus on providing excellent client care. By saving time and money, you benefit by having the maximum automation and efficiency when documenting claims, account receivables, and payroll.

If you are experiencing the signs that your EMR system may not be the perfect fit for you, contact us or schedule a demo. CubHub provides home health care software designed for pediatric nursing, therapy, and caregiver services. Let our industry experts help you maximize profitability and improve care today.