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What Has Your Pediatric EMR Software Done For You Lately?

Discover how Cubhub's pediatric EMR software addresses the needs of our users with regular updates designed to help their businesses.

Developing Pediatric EMR Software is hard. I’ll admit, I thought it would be much easier. 

Take all the genius ideas I and my team have collected over our many years in the pediatric home care business, hire a few nerds to turn it into code, and Voila! The best system ever would be born!  

Well not exactly.

Developing a Medicare-based EMR Software? Not an easy task.

Developing a Medicare-based software system is complicated, but the rules are clear as set by CMS. Non-Medicare software? The only rules that exist seem to change all the time. Payers seem to get bored with how they did things last year, and each state in the union seems intent on unique rules and forms as a matter of civic pride, like their state bird or flower.

As you can imagine, keeping it all straight is a challenge, and decisions must be made about which new feature or change should come next.

How do we decide at CubHub, you ask?

Well, let me pull back the curtain for you, curious reader.

EMR Software Based on Expert Innovation

First of all, ideas come at us from many directions: Our team of home care experts, our techno-centric team of developers, and of course, the many clients and users who are in CubHub pediatric EMR software every day. Our new development projects tend to fall within one of three buckets, and then are ordered by our internal metrics.

Some items we just have to do, like a new EVV aggregator for a State that finally decided to roll it out. Others are things we want to do because they are exciting and make our system powerful and unique, such as our integrated Fax engine that allows users to manage documents and workflows without ever leaving CubHub.

And finally, some things are small projects that we can knock out fairly quickly and make life easier for someone. 

Home Health Software That’s Client-Focused

Each time we plan for a new release, we try to include some items from each group.

This ensures we are moving things forward, rather than always treading water as we react to what comes at us. Some client requests are great ideas, but often they are the kind of thing you would expect from someone who is knee-deep in the day-to-day.

We need to tweak that stuff, and we do, but it is also our job to be a partner who can see beyond the weeds to what is possible and game-changing.

How does your EMR Software Company Operate?

That is how we operate at Cubhub, which begs the question: What are other EMRs doing? What was the last thing they did to revolutionize your business, or are they mostly reacting to changes at CMS?

If the answer is “I have no idea,” then that says a lot.

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