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How To Switch Your Current EMR

Save money, increase profitability, and improve patient care by switching your current EMR to Cubhub Systems. Schedule a personalized demo today!

Most EMR, or Electronic Medical Record, systems are not perfect. You are probably using multiple systems or even paper documents to record and store patient data. This process and workflow can slow down billing, disrupt schedules, and even create authorization issues for you. Does this sound like your current process and workflow? Are you ready to make work and life easier? In steps the single-platform, comprehensive, digital EMR software for Home Health Care — Cubhub Systems.

How Cubhub Helps

Cubhub Systems is a Home Care EMR solution designed for Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Home Therapy, and Caregiver Services. Our single-platform digital EMR and industry experts can help you save money, increase profitability, and improve patient care. You will find all the features you have wished for, and several others you had not yet imagined. Our features include mobile app documentation, intuitive workflows, streamlined scheduling, and even financial automation. Cubhub even provides resources for switching your current EMR.

Ready To Switch

Switching from your current EMR system to Cubhub Systems can be an easy process, and our industry experts are standing by to help you improve your services. Below are some tips for getting started in the process.

1. Evaluate Your Current System

The first step in switching your current EMR to Cubhub is to evaluate your current system. 

  • What process do you have in place? Do you have a totally digital system, or are you still using physical paper documents as well? 

We often see that providers are manually entering data from one spreadsheet to another. Cubhub offers just about every form you might need, and provides updates as requirements change. 

  • List your current system’s shortcomings. What do you wish it could do for you?

Cubhub is a comprehensive system. You will find all the features you need and wished for, and some you did not even know existed.

2. Schedule A Demo With Cubhub

Ready to see what Cubhub Systems can do for you specifically? It is time to schedule a Cubhub EMR demo. Our demos are tailored toward your needs and focus on what Cubhub can improve for you. Bring your questions from Step #1 and fire away! In addition to addressing your current challenges, our industry experts will offer insights and recommendations for the best practices along the way.

3. Implement The New EMR System

The next step is to get started using your new EMR system with confidence. Our Cubhub experts are available to answer any questions and guide you through the software, and implementation typically takes 90 days or less for any size company. You will be amazed at how easy Cubhub Systems is to use and how seamless it makes your workflow. Changing your EMR is also an opportunity to clean up bad processes, bad or redundant data, and bad habits. Don’t fear the change, fear the stagnation of standing still!

Improve Care With Cubhub Systems

Whether your current EMR system does not provide all the features and solutions you would like or you are still working old-school with physical paper documents, Cubhub Systems can work with you to streamline your workflow to make work easier. Switch to Cubhub today to save money, increase profitability, and increase the quality of care.

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