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Tips for Better Home Healthcare Scheduling

Discover how home healthcare agencies can streamline the scheduling process and improve employee satisfaction.

Coordinating with caregivers can result in chaos if you don’t have the right home healthcare scheduling system in place. From checking availability to ensuring the right skills are matched with the right client, scheduling is a tedious and time-consuming process. 

Home healthcare agencies can eliminate guesswork and maximize efficiency by implementing software that streamlines the scheduling process. Here are some tips for better home healthcare scheduling so your staff can focus on their most important tasks:

Make it easy to update availability 

Your caregivers most likely work for multiple organizations in order to make more money and maintain employment when cases end or when patients are hospitalized. Allowing your caregivers to self-manage their availability will eliminate miscommunications and improve employee satisfaction. If caregivers constantly have to speak to someone to update their schedule, this can be frustrating for your office and field staff and leave more room for error. 

Streamline scheduling with smart calendars

Smart calendars allow schedulers to pair the right skills with the right patient. Also, when employees edit their availability it is automatically reflected in the calendar. This makes it clear who is available and qualified to care for each patient, so your schedulers can efficiently coordinate with your caregivers. Your office staff will no longer have to sift through files and make numerous phone calls to find the right nurse for each patient. 

Receive HR reminders

Stay on top of your field staff’s credentials without running and updating reports. This tedious task can be automated, allowing your office staff to receive reminders one week in advance about expiring employee credentials. This ensures your field staff remains current without requiring more work from your HR department.

Supercharge scheduling with Cubhub

Cubhub’s home healthcare scheduling system ensures efficient coordination between your office and field staff. Your caregivers can effectively manage their schedules and focus on providing the best care for each patient. Implementing software that automates tedious, time-consuming work and alleviates common costly errors will help your business grow and make every day easier for your employees.

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