How Technology Drives Agency Growth

Discover how the right home healthcare EMR solution can transform your agency and unlock new potential.

Agencies that embrace technology have powerful growth potential to unlock. The right technology enables home healthcare agencies to automate mundane tasks, streamline visits, and accomplish more work. 

In today’s competitive market, agencies must implement tools that reduce employee stress and optimize operations, as this will help attract and retain staff while also bringing the focus back to what matters most — providing the best possible care for your patients.   

Here is how home healthcare agencies can tap into business growth with the right home care EMR software:

Simplify scheduling with smart calendars

Smart calendars allow schedulers to automatically pair the right skills with the right patient. Employees can edit their availability anytime, which is also reflected in the calendar. This makes it clear who is available and qualified to care for each patient, so your schedulers can efficiently coordinate with your caregivers. 

Improve visits with mobile app documentation 

Your field staff is always on the go, making documentation inefficient and a hassle if you don’t have the right technology in place. Using HIPAA-compliant mobile software makes it simple for nurses to access and input critical information anywhere, anytime. This method is more efficient and highly preferred by field staff and also allows agencies to save money on equipment costs. Mobile app documentation software can be downloaded straight to nurses’ phones, eliminating the need to purchase new devices.

Ensure compliance with integrated EVV 

The ability to capture EVV, clock in/clock out, and complete all documentation in one place improves employee productivity and helps ensure compliance. The great thing about a fully integrated EVV system within your EMR is that your staff is required to do absolutely nothing. The device already captures time, geo-location, etc. as part of the normal operation, so no additional work or training is required. 

Streamline authorizations with templates

Constantly pulling and attaching multiple documents every time authorization is required is tedious and time-consuming. By creating templates, your staff can assign documents to specific authorizations, so when that auth is needed, the documents are already ready to go. This makes sending auths more efficient, alleviates the repetitive work, and allows your staff to focus on more pressing tasks.  

Get paid faster with automated billing 

Accurate financial documentation, including claims, account receivables, and payroll, is one of the most essential aspects of your agency. Automated billing allows you to improve cash flow, simplify processes, and streamline billing workflows. 

With the right software, your agency can automate claims creation, AR tracking, Electronic Remits, visit verification, payroll, and more. This reduces tedious, manual work and administrative costs, as these highly detailed tasks can lead to costly mistakes. Instead of spending time correcting billing errors, your staff can ensure accuracy and remain productive. 

See what’s possible with Cubhub

The right home healthcare software can handle everything from admissions to collections. Cubhub not only makes every day easier but also makes your staff more efficient and helps your business grow. The sooner you implement the right software, the sooner your agency will optimize operations, increase employee satisfaction, and improve patient care.

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