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Automation: EMR Software That Does The Boring Stuff

Efficient operations and employee retention start with effective software. See how your agency can grow with Cubhub's EMR Software.

It is a tough time to run a home care agency. Sure, there are lots of patient referrals coming in the door, but it has never been harder to find field staff, get your team to go to the office, or pay for stuff like health insurance or gas. No doubt you are going back to the same well again and again: Spend more on Indeed.com. Call the same employees over and over. Offer an even BIGGER sign-on bonus! Sadly, everyone is doing the same thing, and none of it seems to work. Unless you want to be the company that offers unsustainable pay rates, you need some new ideas. Looking at your EMR software is a great place to start.


Reimagine your daily processes


One place you might look is your EMR. Leaders often don’t expect much other than for software to “just work” in the way it always has. Teams get used to a process even with its horrible inefficiencies. But what if there were massive savings and better employee retention by rethinking the work? Innovative systems like Cubhub give home care companies new avenues to find savings and streamline operations. A dollar saved is a dollar earned (pennies no longer apply), and savvy operators must look to grow more efficiently as they grow in size.


Automation can take many forms, so look at your current operation and ask this simple question: Does that task require a person (with a salary, employment taxes, PTO, insurance, a manager, etc), or could that be done automatically through my EMR software? You may be shocked at how many things you can automate, allowing you to free up your staff to focus on more important tasks. 


Optimize every department


At Cubhub we have found ways to optimize teams in several functional areas, including Clinical Administration, Clinical QA, Billing and Collections, Scheduling, Payroll, and Intake. Imagine growing your company without hiring new staff in each of these departments. Our team of experienced home care experts can work with you to identify and achieve best-in-class revenue per FTE and make the best use of your current team. No two companies are exactly alike, but several common inefficiencies typically arise when discussing the transition to a new EMR.


Running a home care company is hard, and finding ways to make it easier is your job. Schedule a Demo today to discover how Cubhub can improve your staff experience and boost your operational efficiency.

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