Learn How Moving to Cubhub Saved a Pediatric Home Care Company over $170,000

Learn how CubHub Mobile App Pediatric Software Saved a Home Care Agency with 120 Pediatric Nursing Clients over $170,000 by going paperless.

Yes, you read that right. Cubhub Pediatric Software Saved a Home Care Agency with 120 Pediatric Nursing Clients over $170,000!

First of all, we see many clients who do not appreciate the full cost of paper.

No I don’t mean the impact of deforestation, although that is a real issue. I mean they don’t always add up all that goes into buying, processing, moving, and storing paper notes and charts.

We took a deep dive into one of our clients to compare their costs before and after the switch to the Cubhub Pediatric Software and Mobile App for their nurses’ daily notes. The company had around 120 Pediatric Nursing clients when we measured the savings.

How Cubhub’s EMR Software Eliminated Unnecessary Cost

What we found were estimated Printing and Paper costs (material only, not inclusive of labor and logistics) of around $20,000 per year. However, when we looked at other EMR options available, those costs were entirely wiped away by the added expense (roughly $15 per client per month) of tablets and data plans.

With Cubhub Pediatric Software no devices or data are required because our Mobile App is set up for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which allows your field staff to use their own smartphone or tablet, thus eliminating the costs and making the staff happier to have one less thing to worry about.

So, with Cubhub, you could pocket $20,000 just in paper and printing… but there is more.

Look at your office. How many square feet are dedicated to paper or paper processing? Do you have a storage room onsite?

Now look at your office team. If they have paper on their desk or nearby, how much time do they spend on reading, filing, mailing, or shredding this paper? Once you start down this road the costs begin to stack up in a big way.

The Client mentioned above was able to redirect one office employee away from collecting and verifying weekly nurses’ notes because Cubhub Mobile App notes pass a scrub tied to the scheduled times that only requires someone to intervene if there is a deviation.

The same office was able to forgo a QA nurse hire they had planned because Cubhub notes are compared against the patient’s Plan of Care before a nurse can submit, which means only notes from non-approved nurses or those with flags or deviations require someone to review them. In addition, the Client had planned to hire someone to manage the deployment and maintenance of tablets that would have been required had they gone with the other EMR they had considered prior to Cubhub Pediatric Software. 

All told these hidden costs added up to over $150,000 per year in salaries and wages!

This doesn’t even capture the full scope. We did not quantify the time spent by all other staff in paper-related tasks, nor did we compare the square footage of their file room against their office lease.

If you are still on paper you are probably looking to go electronic.

That is a worthy goal, but be aware that not all systems are the same, and what that EMR salesman doesn’t tell you could cost your business a lot of money. Contact Cubhub and we will show you what is possible.

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