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How to Overcome Home Health Care Workforce Burnout

Overcome healthcare workforce burnout with software that streamlines communication, boosts productivity, and automates operations.

Workforce burnout has increased for healthcare organizations, making recruiting and retention difficult. Following the pandemic, a severe shortage of nurses has developed. Many healthcare workers have retired early, others feel undervalued, and many do not feel safe in their workplace. 

Overcoming these workforce shortages and hiring challenges requires agencies to look at their mission as a business. What attracts people to work for your organization? What makes your employees want to stay? How do you actively engage with your current and potential employees? What systems do you have in place to streamline tasks and communication?

Workflow efficiency improves employee retention

As a healthcare organization, your mission is to provide the best possible care for your patients. How do you apply this to your daily operations? In order for your staff to provide proper care, they also need proper care. 

Consider the following:

  • How does your staff communicate? Make it simple for everyone to share feedback, visit details, and scheduling preferences. 

  • How many employees perform mundane, menial tasks? By automating these tasks, you can pay your nurses more competitively. 

  • How do you document each visit? Efficient mobile documentation is essential for home healthcare providers. 

  • What do your employees think about your agency? Encourage employees to share feedback and report their concerns.

  • Do you actively engage with your potential candidate list? Texting makes it simple to automate the majority of the engagement. 

Creating an environment where your employees feel valued, heard, and comfortable will help them achieve more, provide better care, and attract potential candidates. Continuously encouraging, listening to, and taking action on feedback will help you retain staff, reduce healthcare workforce burnout, and boost operational efficiency.  

Benefits and flexibility increase professional fulfillment

Offering tailored benefits to your employees attracts full-time, part-time, and contracted employees. This allows you to offer specific benefits like insurance to full-time staff, education opportunities to part-time staff, and sign-on bonuses to contracted staff. A young, part-time nurse who is still eligible for their parent’s insurance plan won’t care about insurance benefits from your agency. Building skills that strengthen your talent pipeline and increase their pay offers a unique, useful benefit. The increasing demand for talent makes developing the skills of your current staff and boosting your recruiting pipeline essential for organizational success.

Give your staff the freedom to balance their work and personal life with flexible scheduling. By showing you care about your staff’s well-being and preferences you will attract and retain more employees. Using software that helps build smart, flexible schedules will automatically pair the right skills with the right client. This eliminates the headache of constantly manually managing the schedule, allowing your staff to efficiently communicate preferences, fill schedules, and stay notified in real-time.

Use software that boosts employee satisfaction

Training enough nurses to fill staffing gaps is not possible, so it is crucial to focus on retention. Your staff doesn’t want to waste time on inefficient operations. Use software that works how you do — everywhere you care. Cubhub is designed to keep your employees focused on their most important work and provide the best care for clients by automating busy work and streamlining communication. Putting systems in place that optimize your operations will give you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining staff, so you can offer the best care for your clients. 

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