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How an Integrated EMR/EVV Solution Can Improve Staff Retention and Recruitment

Elevate staff retention & recruitment with integrated EMR/EVV solutions. Simplify processes & choose Cubhub for seamless EVV implementation.

The home-based care industry is experiencing rapid evolution and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is playing a pivotal role in reshaping how service delivery is documented and validated. However, beyond mere compliance with these emerging regulations, EVV presents a unique challenge for agencies in operational efficiency, staff retention, and recruiting field clinicians and caregivers.

Home care agencies struggle with staffing issues with an alarmingly high turnover rate of approximately 80%. This issue arises from factors like low pay and few career advancement opportunities. Yet, another significant contributor is the presence of inefficient processes that needlessly complicate the job. How can combining your EMR and EVV solutions make a difference? Here are two major ways.

How Combined EMR/EVV Is Elevating Staff Retention and Recruitment

Combine Systems to Make Everything Easier

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solutions integrated into your EMR are instrumental in simplifying the work of Nurses, Therapists, and Caregivers. These tools leverage technology to minimize the burden of tedious paperwork, which has traditionally been a time-consuming aspect of the job. By combining systems your team can work within one solution, which lowers the amount of training, support, and frustration for everyone involved.

Your field staff should not have to do anything extra to submit EVV information. The EMR’s Mobile App should capture all relevant Geo- and Time-related data automatically, and give them friendly nudges to clock in and out on time. Using a separate App or device to comply with the State’s requirements is burdensome and invites staff to look elsewhere for employment.


EVV introduces a heightened level of accountability throughout the process. All parties involved, including field staff, clients, and companies must comply for the system to work.

This level of accountability requires your EMR to automate as much of the process as possible to avoid bottlenecks and frustration and give clear guidance as to where potential problems may emerge. Managing these exceptions within your EMR will greatly improve compliance and collections ratios.

The EMR should capture all the EVV data from the field and apply the State’s rules and Reason Codes to most visits before your team needs to intervene. If you only have to manage the exceptions you will be much more efficient. 

Choose Cubhub for a Stronger Care Team

Effectively implementing Electronic Visit Verification can make or break a home care business. If your EMR is not partnering with you to help with the heavy lifting, the burden will fall on admin and field staff. Cubhub is widely regarded as a leader in EVV implementation and compliance because we invested early in building an integrated system supported by experts.

Let Cubhub assist you in this seamless transition to ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can streamline EVV processes for your state.

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