5 Features to Look for When Searching for the Best Home Health EMR Software

Not all software is equal. Learn more about what is best for your pediatric home health care business.

Are you looking for the best home health EMR software? For years, EMR software has enabled health care practices to create ways for their employees to perform tasks efficiently and improve the quality of patient care and client satisfaction. The implementation of EMR software into health care practices has become popular in order to reduce the number of recording errors and help with maximizing office space. Home health EMR software is an advanced technology designed to make tasks such as storing client medical history, billing, and communicating information easier. 

Searching for the Best EMR Software

With an endless amount of other EMR features offered that help health practices provide top-notch health care, it can be easy to lose sight of what is the most important. To help, here are 5 of the most common features you should look for when it comes to deciding which EMR software is best for your practice.

1. Easy Navigation & User-Friendly Technology 

When it comes to searching for EMR software many look for technology that is user friendly. The easier the software is to navigate and learn, the less time employees have to spend training themselves how to use it. EMR software is designed to improve communication amongst everyone who uses it. The time that is spent navigating and recording takes away from the patients that are waiting to receive care. Because of this, you should carefully choose a user-friendly platform that takes the stress away from your employees when it comes to recording information properly, so they can focus on providing excellent care to clients.

2. Mobile App Documentation

Many companies require you to purchase devices. An important feature to look for is a software that allows you to bring your own device because this enables field staff to use their own smartphone or tablet. There is no need to worry about company-owned devices, device maintenance, and the expense of managing data plans. 

With the mobile app documentation feature charting has never been easier. Communication between a clinic and it’s patients is essential. It’s important to use a secure charting method that allows for confidential information to be stored without the worry of it being lost. Many times charting on paper can go wrong and result in legal issues for missing documented records. 

Implementing a smart charting feature will eliminate the problems of miscommunication among your workers as well. Note and calendars eliminate these struggles so you don’t spend your time trying to fill in the blanks on unclear information. 

3. Integrated Authorization and Utilization Tracking 

EMR software that helps you to catch costly mistakes by using alerts and flagging features for incorrect information is essential. Accuracy saves time and money, as well as keeps your patients safe. 

Intuitive workflow features can include integrated authorization and utilization tracking so members of your team have access to the information they need while also having the benefit of following confidential protocols. Information can be locked from those who don’t have permission to see it. By getting alerts for clinicians, schedulers, and billers, you will be sure to always be on top of information and stay on track. 

When searching for the best type of customizable reports for your EMR system, make sure they cover all the bases. The best electronic medical records let you generate them on a regular basis, meaning you can view them weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The reports should also automatically generate information from patient history, documents, test results, financial data, or any information that gets recorded.

4. Smart Scheduling

By having a smart scheduling feature your team can receive alerts to save valuable time. Notifications to remind you to make reports and calls will ensure you will always be on top of the ball. 

Communication makes your agency run smoothly. That’s why a smart scheduling feature allows text, email and other communication so everyone is always on the same page. With the use of powerful calendar tools, the speed at which work is done and client satisfaction increases. Searching through files and trying to match the needs of the client to the skills of the field staff member can be time-consuming. With advanced technology, the job is done for you.

5. Automated E-Billing 

Finding an EMR software that allows you to host both charting and billing is a large advantage. As you save time and money, you also get the benefits of having maximum automation and efficiency when documenting claims, account receivables, and payroll.

Automated billing means reduced overhead costs, a quick payment method for your employees, and more time to focus on providing excellent client care. You will be able to easily view exactly how much profit is coming in, and the total cost of running your business. 


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What You Miss If Your EMR Software Lacks These Essential Features

Without user-friendly, automated billing ability, integrated authorization and utilization tracking, mobile app documentation, and smart scheduling, you may be missing out on many of the benefits that EMR software provides. EMR software gives you the ability to have organized access to all patient history, documents, test results, financial data, or any information that gets recorded. This can be used as future reference for patients who will continue to visit your practice in the future. The information recorded can point to signs of problems that may occur or reasons as to why they may be experiencing issues. 

Communication is essential when trying to achieve a successful and organized work place. Whether two health care professionals or a patient and health care worker are trying to communicate with one another, it is important everyone is on the same page so that the best care can be provided. 

EMR software can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also reduce overhead and maximize profitability. Making your records electronic can free up office space and allow you to have more room to carry out other tasks, treat more patients, etc.  

At Cubhub, we want to make your job easier, cut your costs, and help improve compliance. The data we collect helps negotiate better contracts and get more referrals. But most importantly, this robust pediatric platform sets a higher standard for making kids’ lives better, and that is worth doing. Schedule your demo today.


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