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3 Ways to Maximize Efficiency at your PT Practice

Implementing clinical tools that make everyday easier will reduce employee burnout, help your business grow, and improve patient outcomes.

Providing outstanding patient care is not just about compassion and expertise anymore — you must now provide efficiency that starts at admissions and ends at collections. Optimizing your processes allows you to save valuable resources, streamline every visit, and bring the focus back to providing the best possible care. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency at your therapy practice, we’ve put together the top tips that will make every day easier for your staff, help your business grow, and improve patient outcomes. 


Streamline visits with integrated EMR + EVV

With the Cures Act mandating that all states implement an Electronic Visit Verification system for home healthcare, many practices are left with inefficient processes in order to remain compliant. Capturing EVV is typically done on one device, while EMR documentation is completed on another. To offer the best support and capabilities for your field staff, implement a mobile EMR software that has an integrated EVV system. This solution captures time, geo-location, etc as part of the normal operation, while also streamlining the documentation process. This is also great because your staff can download this solution to their personal mobile device, so you don’t have to spend any money on new equipment. 


Optimize operations with a Medicaid-focused solution

When your software works as you do, every process is simplified. Rather than using Medicare software with pediatric workarounds, implementing a Medicaid-focused solution can optimize teams in several functional areas, including Clinical Administration, Clinical QA, Billing and Collections, Scheduling, Payroll, and Intake. Giving staff more time to focus on patients and less on authorization or administrative efforts is key to reducing caregiver burnout and improving patient care. 


Improve outcomes with data-driven software

Tracking things such as Hospitalizations, Infections, Staffing/Auth ratios, and Missed Visits is only scratching the surface of the data you should be capturing. The Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Model requires practices to start tracking patient improvement and client satisfaction in order to get paid for positive outcomes. This means you will need to find ways to get more client feedback, aggregate field staff performance, and be ready to integrate with other systems to capture the kind of information VBA Payers will expect. Implementing software designed to capture relevant data will ensure your practice is set up to aggregate and leverage the right data that puts your company in a position to negotiate Value-Based Agreements.


Maximize agency efficiency with Cubhub

Cubhub’s pediatric home healthcare software is an all-in-one solution for physical therapy practices to optimize everyday operations and drive growth. Our mobile app documentation simplifies every visit and ensures compliance with integrated EVV. Our built-in workflows automate mundane tasks and capture critical data that your business needs. We know how much time is taken away from the patient with inefficient processes, which is why we are continuously developing solutions to bring the focus back to patient care.

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