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Three Tips for Working Virtually in Home Care During COVID-19

Home care has been slow to change, but COVID-19 is forcing many owners to rethink the way everything is done. Here are three tips for working effectively.

Every homecare industry article you read recently probably started off with “these are difficult times for business…” or something in that vein.

Yes- we all get it- this is tough.

Like all crises, this one also affords opportunities for those with the ability to see past the dark clouds.

Homecare has been notoriously slow to change, but COVID-19 is forcing many owners to rethink the way everything is done, from virtual offices to virtual home visits.

3 key tips to effective Virtual Work in Home Health Care

#1 Mobile technology

If all of your staff were at their desk right now using most EMRs would be fairly adequate. When everyone is at home it is a problem. Companies are finding that a dedicated Mobile App that syncs clinical documentation makes remote work more cost effective and offers a better experience for their staff

#2 Paper kills

Everyone knows paper kills trees, but did you know it is slowly killing your homecare business? If you ask yourself why most people HAVE to come to the office each work day the likely answer has something to do with paper. Faxing plans of care. Verifying paper visit notes. Printing out schedules to mail to client homes.

Each of these ties someone to desks and office machines. If your EMR doesn’t allow you to be 100% paperless while increasing staff and client satisfaction you are at a disadvantage to competitors that have made the switch.

#3 Have a partner

No one is saying you can’t navigate State, MCO, and Federal guidelines for virtual visits on your own. Nor would they claim that you are unable to figure out how to convert your office into a cutting-edge technology powerhouse.

But wouldn’t it be nice to learn from others’ mistakes rather than make your own, especially when the cost of doing it wrong could be so high? Don’t be too proud to get advice and direction from those that have done it and have the scars to show for it.

CubHub is here to help non-Medicare Homecare businesses navigate these and other changes. Our team of former Homecare operators understand what you do and why it matters so much to do it right.

We don’t just offer the best Pediatric and non-Medicare EMR software in the country. We are your partners in making sure you, your staff, and your clients realize your full potential.

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