3 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Research New Home Health Care Software for Your Business

Make the right changes that will keep you competitive and agile in today's home health care landscape.

We all underestimated how much time we spent at the office “collaborating” with our coworkers pre-Covid 19.

Many of us are finding some excess bandwidth these days, but with so much uncertainty it can feel like now is not the time to explore new homecare software to grow our business.

It is interesting to hear the different approaches between two owners in the exact same homecare market: One is seeing opportunities to reassess everything while the other seems to be stuck in “survival mode.”

Not surprisingly I like the chances of the former once things return to some kind of normal.

EMR Software: 3 Reasons why now is the perfect time to research and upgrade

#1 You have the time.

Never before have clients and staff been less needy. We know it won’t last, so make the most of this opportunity.

You will also find that crisis can unlock your visionary side, and that can be a great time to look at things from a different angle. When you think about homecare software you probably think of the nuts and bolts of what you have always done in the past: Calendars, billing, payroll, clinical docs, etc.

When was the last time you explored things you have never done, like outcomes data aggregation, CRM tracking, or integrating workflow to allow for a more mobile workforce? 

#2 You just realized how far behind you really are.

Homecare tends to view technology as something to meet a reg or fix a specific problem. Too few companies look for competitive advantages in their tech, and end up losing to those that do.

Now that teams are being forced to leverage technology like never before it is exposing those organizations that let their old systems get long in the tooth. No matter what comes after Covid-19 it won’t be the same as what preceded it, so don’t be the last to do something about it. You need to be paperless, mobile, real-time, and scalable to survive. 

#3 “Never let a crisis go to waste.

Rahm Emanuel’s quote during the Great Recession isn’t only true for landmark legislation. As a business leader, you have to realize that sometimes we can only do big things when everyone is fearful of the status quo. I would say now definitely qualifies.

People want leadership in times of unrest, and they will go along with things they would have pushed back against in normal times. Challenge them to look to the future and you will find them not just willing but hungry for it.

If you aren’t staying up on what is out there you could be letting your team down.

Why not check out a different software system and see if it sparks something? All it will cost you is a little time. And be honest, aren’t Netflix and homeschooling getting pretty old? Sign up for a free Cubhub demo today!

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