Colorado Digital Home Care EMR

Cubhub is a one-platform digital Home Care EMR system to help you streamline authorizations, documents, Family CNA, EVV, payroll, and more. We continue to adapt and improve our product as state laws and regulations change all while providing a top-quality EMR system for you to help save money, increase profitability, and improve patient care.

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Our system allows for pre-filling standardized paperwork, sending documents using the auto-fax feature, streamlining payroll services, and more. Learn how Cubhub can make work easier for you in the state of Colorado.

1.  Increase Staff Satisfaction and Retention 

2. Improve Patient Care 

3. Save Money and Time 


 Custom Family CNA Within Cubhub

Cubhub makes family care easier with a custom-to-Colorado family CNA program module. Our program module allows family members to become certified nurse assistants to help care for their children in need of at-home care. Cubhub is the only automated EMR system for CNA parents by streamlining:

  • Number of visits
  • Order of visits
  • Visit distinction and charting
  • Visit extension

This automation for the Colorado CNA program takes the administrative burden off office staff and parents. Simply follow the order of care, and the Cubhub system will manage the workflow.

About EVV In Colorado

Electronic Visit Verification or EVV in the state of Colorado is a digital system used to verify home care. It ensures that the appropriate care is given and patients are billed properly. 

Colorado allows agencies to select the state-provided EVV solution or an approved vendor. A requirement to be an approved vendor is being connected to Sandata. Making your life easier, Cubhub is approved in Colorado and already has a Sandata connection

The state of Colorado allows for a fairly smooth EVV application and implementation process. Because Cubhub is an approved EVV vendor, there are just a few steps you will have to take to switch to Cubhub and make your work life easier.

All EVV is managed within the Cubhub system and there is no need to toggle back and forth between Sandata and our platform. We make the process as seamless as possible so you can focus on patient care and your business. 

EMR Features To Streamline Your Work

Cubhub is a state-based digital system for EMR. Gone are the days of multiple systems and paper documents. Cubhub makes work easier by moving your data from multiple systems to one easy-to-use, comprehensive digital system. Cubhub provides solutions for EVV, billing, payroll, scheduling, and more.

Cubhub Integrations That Work For You

Cubhub works to ease things up so you can improve the care provided to patients by:

  • Pre-filling standardized paperwork and auto- faxing with an authorization workflow
  • Seamlessly integrating with Waystar Clearinghouse for accurate and timely billing without leaving Cubhub
  • Streamlining payroll services with a one-click formatting feature

Key Cubhub EMR Features

The industry experts at Cubhub are forward-thinking and innovative. We’ve taken into consideration the struggles we’ve heard from nurses and caregivers as well as struggles we’ve experienced ourselves to create the most automated platform for home care EMR. Key features include:

Financial Automation — accurate financial documentation, claims, and payroll.



Mobile App Charting

Save Money

Attract and Retain Staff

Increase Clinical Accuracy

Efficient Scheduling

Improve Satisfaction

Reduce Overtime

Avoid Costly Errors

Financial Automation

Reduce Overhead

Get Paid Faster

Report Accurate Numbers

frequently asked questions

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Does Cubhub handle EVV for my State?

Yep. We work with each State’s aggregator to make sure the info already being captured by our Mobile App and edited by your team is delivered so you can get paid.

Do you have that report I need to run?

Probably. We focus on rich datasets that are perfect for the Excel nerd in your office. Need something you can’t find? Let us know and we will work with you.

How do I get financial numbers for my accounting software?

Our Month End Close module is built for any size company. For smaller clients we can help you get up to speed on good accounting practices so that your books stay clean as you get bigger.

How do you keep me from exceeding an Authorization?

We do everything but come to your office and yell at someone. There are hard stops or alerts in every relevant section to keep you within your Auth limits.

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Do you generate a 485?

Of course! Once you complete the initial Eval or Assessment we automatically create the Plan of Care, customized Visit notes, Supervisory Visits, and much more.

Can I send Faxes from the system or do I use a separate e-Fax software?

Unlike most EMRs, we have a built-in Fax rather than an integration. This means you get automated workflows at a lower cost with fewer clicks.

Can we use our current forms?

Implementing new software is exciting, so we recommend you use this as an opportunity to evaluate all your systems- including your forms. The point of going paperless should not be to recreate everything you were doing before as a PDF on a computer. We will make sure you capture every data point you or your State auditor may require, but we will help you do it in a truly digital way.

Do you have an OASIS if it is required by one of our payers?

Yes we do. Unlike other systems that focus on Medicare and give you a medicre product for everything else, we offer an amazing system for Medicaid and Private payers while giving you the essential tools you need for patients requiring an OASIS.

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Cubhub provides one Home Care EMR system in the state of Colorado to replace all others for recording and storing data for Pediatric Nursing, Therapy, and Caregiver Services. Let our industry experts help you. Get ready to maximize your profitability and improve the care you provide by scheduling your Cubhub demo today.